Gadget Reviewed: NuBike – LIMITED EDITION V2 Frame and Drive System

NuBike was invented by a Los-Angeles based inventor Rodger Parker. He has done away with the traditional method of pedaling in circles. He invented the NuBike with levers and he claims it to be more efficient than the bikes with chains.

What is the NuBike?

People are looking out for better bikes that will do away with the traditional method of pedaling in circles. Rodger Parker invented the NuBike which has levers instead of the chains used in the traditional bikes.

It has no chains and hence less maintenance.

The NuBike has a carbon fiber frame and levers that run from the pedals to a link in the rear hub. In this bike, the user just needs to push up and down on the pedals which causes the rear wheel to turn.

Advantages of the NuBike over the traditional bikes with chains

It is more efficient than the bikes with chains. Since the levers are longer, the users can deliver more torque. Therefore more power is exerted to the wheel using the same amount of effort as compared to the bikes with traditional cranks.

Since the pedals move vertically in the NuBike,the riders can use the gravitational force to help push the pedals down.The rider’s weight provides forward motion throughout the entire pedal stroke. In contrast, the conventional bikes require a lot of effort.

This Bike goes faster with less effort. The pedal cranks provide 2 ½ times more power to the rear wheel using leverage. It provides more leverage than the traditional bikes.

With the NuBike, it becomes easier on the hips, knees and ankles of the rider.

In case the rear wheel has to be removed, you will not encounter an oily chain.

NuBike does away with the chain and goes with levers

The current bike prototype has four gears though the lower-end models may come with fewer gears.

The prototype weighs 22lbs (10kgs). The present model has 7075 aluminum levers. If these are made using magnesium and few other changes are made, then the commercial model will weigh still less and could even tip the scales at 18lbs(8kgs).

The NuBike is at present a part of the Kickstarter campaign. If you are keen on getting a Bike and assuming it reaches production, then, by pledging US $3,600 you will receive a sub-3-lb (1.4 kg) frame and drivetrain. To this you can add any of the conventional components of your choice. This package would retail at $3,800.

It can be transported anywhere. In order to fix a flat wheel or transport the NuBike, you need to pop the two levers and disconnect the shifter cable. It fits easily in the back of your car.

NuBike is not the first commercial bike with levers. Back in 2014, Korea’s Bygen made an announcement regarding the same. However, it is not yet available in the market.

There are great efforts to make themavailable for all groups – for kids they will come with fewer gears and more gears forhigh-end bikes. The NuBikeis even more environmental friendly than the conventional bikes. They will provide the most efficient means of transport.

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