Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Charge to Full in Just Twelve Minutes

Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Charge to Full in Just Twelve Minutes

Samsung is slated to come out with a smartphone with its battery charging in just 12 mins of its Samsung Galaxy S9.

It will be a revolution in battery technology, which can be used in smartphones, electric cars and wearables.

Most of us want a sleek smartphone with a battery that can charge fast and last long. This latest battery technology that Samsung has developed, will help in the battery charging from empty to full charge in a mere 12mins. They have developed a battery that uses graphene balls, which will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Graphene Battery

The battery made from graphene balls, allow a 45% capacity and a quick charge as compared to the traditional Lithium-ion batteries. This battery, made of graphene balls will be ideal for smartphones and electric vehicles.

This graphene ball battery is found to be stable and steady at 60 degrees celsius, making it safe for use in smartphones, wearables and cars.

The researchers mistakenly, stumbled upon the graphene balls while they were trying to mass synthesize  graphene. The graphene balls  have higher strength and conductivity which makes them ideal for battery production. Samsung has pioneered this technology and hence they do not have to rely on outsourcing it and can follow strict safety procedures. They plan to use this graphene ball battery in their next smartphone,Samsung Galaxy S9.

The graphene ball has a popcorn-like structure. Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms. It does not replace the lithium-ion components, but is basically an add-on to the lithium-ion battery. An extremely thin layer of graphene will be applied to the existing Lithium-ion batteries. It is used as an anode layer covering and cathode materials, thus helping in faster charging and increasing its capacity. It will not be necessary to replace the Lithium-ion battery. The existing Lithium-ion battery technology can be modified and thus the whole process becomes cheaper.

In addition, by using silica which is easily available and affordable, graphene can be mass manufactured in a 3D form.

Earlier, some of the Samsung smartphones have exploded. The latest smartphone by Samsung, which is scheduled to come into the market early next year, the Samsung Galaxy S9, will be using the graphene ball battery which needs to be tested for safety standards.

The use of graphene batteries is just the beginning in smartphones, the pioneer being the Samsung Galaxy S9. It promises to go a long way in its use in phones and cars, and may be one day even in aerospace technology. It promises a speedy battery charge in just 12 mins., which will be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone due in the early part of 2018.

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