The new “In” thing: Wearable Technology

The new “In” thing: Wearable Technology

Have you ever been in a situation where pulling out your phone may be a distraction or possibly not allowed, even if you have to silence the phone to stop disturbing others? For example you may be at a meeting or in a cinema hall and your phone rings all because you forgot to put it on silent or switch it off.  Researchers at Georgia Institute of technology have found a way where you can do all this and more by just wearing a ring thanks to wearable technology.

What is this wearable technology?

Researchers have found a novel method of sending signals to your phone without the need to bring it out and tap on it. This  technology, that you wear on your thumb can sense motion by simply writing or gesturing something with your thumb.

A ring is considered an unobtrusive device when it comes to wearable , so gesturing with it will not cause a distraction or will even require you to reach for your phone.


While jogging or while in a meeting all you have to do, if you get a call is to just make a sign with your thumb on the palm of your hand. Simple enough. Such wearable technology does not require even looking at a screen, which makes it a great invention.

Initially wearable technology was thought of for controlling mobile phones and for virtual reality all without looking at the screen. From numbers to letters, you can type anything with your thumb on your palm with this type of wearable .

How does wearable technology work?

This type of wearable technology in the form of a ring is fit with a gyroscope, something that senses motion and a microphone.

Whenever something is typed by the thumb on the palm of your hand, the motion sensor and the microphone sense the beginning and the end of the gesture, to identify the gesture.

Why microphone you may ask when all the ring has to do is sense the gesture, it is because the microphone is used to identify the sound of the thumb on the palm and distinguish it from sounds made by other fingers on the palm of the hand.  Imagine while jogging or exercising you may have other fingers touch the palm of your hand. This wearable technology is built so that unwanted gestures are not input into your phone for example.

Having a microphone and a gesture sensor in wearable technology makes the wearable technology all the more accurate instead of just having one- the motion sensor in the tech. Whenever a gesture is made the wearable technology sends the info and analyses it to see if it was a valid gesture or just an involuntary movement of the fingers.

What will this wearable technology be called?

“Fingersound” or the wearable technology ring uses the palm of your hand as a canvas. Unlike other methods it does not require a screen or for you to even type in the air.

While using this wearable technology, tactile feedback is sent to get a better understanding of user experience and to better improve the system.

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