Playstation Plus Subscribers will be Able to Download New Titles for Free

Playstation Plus  Subscribers will be Able to Download New Titles for Free

Many of you know that there is a service on PS3 called Playstation Plus , but how many of you know what it is, what does it cost, how much does it cost or does it go to account? Therefore, we decided to make a small article solving your doubts and explaining a little more thoroughly this service that is giving me more than one joy with its functionalities.

The first thing to clarify: it’s not free, but it’s not a ruin. With an annual price of € 49.90 or quarterly for € 14.95 is a price not very high but what does it offer for that money?

The service of Playstation Plus is a service that offers, month by month, discounts on games, exclusive access to betas, dlc’s, themes, etc. of the entire Sony catalog within the PSN Store. You also have the possibility to download complete games for free, which are not too bad. The last ones to download in this way were Renegade Ops, Little Big Planet 2 and Infamous 2. As you can see, it does not start badly with up to 45 games per year free.

The offer of free games, as well as the contents on offer or free, are renewed monthly making it renew and your hard drive will not be overloaded. In addition, the service has the ability to synchronize your games and trophies in the cloud, so using your profile in another console is faster and more effective. But it is not mandatory, we can activate the option to share our games in the cloud or not.

But not only that, but the system detects the patches and updates of your games and automatically downloads and applies, without having to put the game to update, something that, in my opinion, should be based on the console, but that at least, in this way, offers more service in the playstation plus package to the user.

The system always raises questions about what happens with the contents, are they erased, can they be recovered? For this reason, we have spoken with the guys from Sony and they have answered certain questions, which are not so obvious, to know how they will approach the service in the future and we answer personally with my experience to some more direct and that are in everyone’s mind:

What happens to everything we have downloaded when I finish my Playstation Plus contract?

Unfortunately you lose them, all the games, themes and content are as demo and not as complete content

Can I get it back? If I unsubscribe and return to the month, can I recover all my previous content?

The answer is yes, if we unsubscribe and return in a reasonable time, we believe that up to 2 months (to be confirmed) you can recover everything you had downloaded or obtained without problems.

Do you plan to put the game service in the cloud for all users, as with other online platforms such as Steam or Origin, or are you going to keep it only for PSN + users?

The goal of Playstation Plus is to offer a special service to our most enthusiastic users through features, content and exclusive experiences to all members of Playstation Plus.

The service of games in the cloud is one more feature that gives an added value to this service, so that, for the moment, it will remain accessible only to users of Playstation Plus.

Do you plan to make a cheaper PS + that only benefits from discounts and another such as the current one that has discounts + gift sets?

At the moment we do not plan to launch different models of Playstation Plus based on its offer of features and exclusive content. The only difference is established in its subscription model, which can be annual with a price of € 49.99, or 90 days for € 14.99.

When a user accesses for the first time may seem a bit messy, do you plan to put some kind of online tutorial, tips, etc, for users not so used to these services?

We have a special section on our official page dedicated to Playstation Plus. In it you can find basic information and a series of guides that explain its operation and its offer in depth.

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