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Smart Fabric: How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without Electronics

Smart Fabric: How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without Electronics

Now You Can Store Information Right In Your Smart Fabric

Our modern age has become such a time where the marvels of the science fiction are becoming reality by every passing day. Scientists have discovered a new type of fabric which has the ability to store information invisible from everyone. This smart fabric has been developed at the University of the Washington and it offers an opportunity to create such jackets which can store information line passcodes helping users to open doors of their apartment and offices.

These computer scientists has created a stir in the global consumer electronics market with this invention wherein such unique and smart fabric or fashion accessories can be utilized for storing data ranging from the complex security codes to usual identification tags. Such Smart fabric or accessories will certainly do away with the need of carrying any electronic or plastic gadgets as well as it also do away with the on-board electronics or sensors if any applicable.

How This Smart Fabric Technology Works?

These scientists had already presented their finding in the paper at the Association for Computing Machinery’s User Interface Software and Technology Symposium. Herein it was revealed that this smart fabric was developed by leveraging the unexplored magnetic properties of the varied conductive thread. In this Smart fabric data can be stored but in order to read it users will require instrument like smartphone. The best thing about this smart fabric is that it doesn’t need special attention or caring rather users can wore like any other regular clothe of their choice. It has a completely electronic-free design which ensures that the fabric can be washed and dried without any issues.

When it comes to data storage inventors maintains that it acts just like the hard disk. In this scenario users are having their data right on the clothes worn by them which might sound awkward but it is the truth.

The Future Prospects Of This Smart Fabric

The modern wearable market is in flux where apart from the smartwatches and fitness watches no other product has been able to show huge success rate. Every other modern smart garment comes loaded with the on-board electronics or sensors in order to work flawlessly.  But having such thing on the fabric becomes a spoilsport when caught in the rain or thrown it for washing unknowingly. The major barrier for innovation in the wearable market is because of this very reason and now scientists has found the  smart fabric  which can help in overcoming this barrier.

This magnetized can be easily utilized to interact with electronics like smartphones. In order to showcase the full potential of this smart fabric scientists have created a glove using it and then it was gesture was utilized to interact with the smartphone. In this demonstration it was told that each gesture made by the globe resulted in invoking a wide range of highly specific actions such as playing or pausing music. Currently scientists are working towards creating custom textiles to generate strong magnetic fields and to store higher density of data.

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