Somnox, World First Sleep Robot to Improve Your Sleep

Somnox,  World First Sleep Robot to Improve Your Sleep

Somnox: You’re new Sleeping Buddy

Ever felt that you’re not getting enough sleep or you wake up feeling tired? During all these times of insomnia, the first thing you think of reaching out for, are those bed-side sleeping tablets. But, no more, Launched on kickstarter, Somnox is you’re sleeping partner for the night.

Research says that as many as 1 out 5 people suffer from bad sleep due to anxiety or stress. Somnox is a device that aims to give good sleep to people by eliminating stress or anxiety when they sleep.

Aim of Somnox:

The developers of Somnox are aiming to get at least 100,000 people to sleep better because of their product.

When one third of our lives are spent sleeping and when the quality of our lives are affected by the sleep we are getting, it makes sense to take all the steps possible to get that good night’s sleep.

How does Somnox Work?

Somnox is your cuddle partner for the night. This soft device uses breathing movements, soothing sounds and an app to sort out all your sleeping problems.

It has been proven that calm breathing movements and relaxing sounds are a sure fire way to get a good night’s sleep when you suffer from anxiety or stress. From the Somnox app, an individual can adjust the sounds they would like to hear while sleeping and even the time they want to wake up at.

At night, the Somnox adjusts the sound according to your sleep pattern. After a while the sounds shuts off automatically when you’re fast asleep. Another way the gadget works is by imitating breathing movements. Studies prove that by being in contact with a person that is breathing normally, we ourselves start breathing normally and after some time fall asleep. Somnox aims to do just that.

When it is our time to wake up, the device starts to slowly vibrate, kind of like someone gently trying to wake you up.

Benefits of Somnox:

Since our sleeping buddy aims at reducing anxiety and stress while sleeping, we wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed.

If you are one of those people that gets sleep a long time after putting your head down or that you get up in the middle of the night and then your sleep is gone. Then worry no more with the device you will get a full night’s sleep as soon as you are comfortably settled in.

Don’t worry about setting those alarms, with this gadget you will get up naturally at your scheduled time.

The somnox sleeping buddy has an ergonomic design and has to be charged in order to use it. A major concern while using the this device is whether it will give off any harmful rays while sleeping and the answer to that, is that is it is made in such a way that it is perfectly harmless when using it.

In the future the team behind the Somnox are aiming to make the device even more smarter by mapping out an individual’s sleep patterns and then adjusting the settings to give the user a more personal and effective sleeping solution.

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