This Gadget Lets You Control Your Window Blind With Your Voice

This Gadget Lets You Control Your Window Blind With Your Voice

Smart Blind that  thinks and acts for you!

The sun pops, or storm blows and your automatic blind roller fails to roll the blinds? If you are concerned with motorized blinds, you may definitely have a Brobdingnagian tussle for the installation. This current electric blinds costs around $1000. Here’s a unique solution that makes everything very cushy! Its called Brunt Blind Engine, which is the device that alters your home’s modular blinds to smart electric blinds. You can able to mechanize your active blinds at low-cost. Blind Engine as well associates to your smartphone, facultative remote control and programming of your blinds anytime, anyplace.

At dusk, ensure privacy by completely lowering the blinds with this Blind Engine. In summer, it prevents sunlight from overheating the room and in winter uses it to aid the heating system. In the Smart Home, manual control of blinds is practically non-existent. Even so, when you want to change the position of the blinds, curtains, awnings … can be done quickly using this wonderful device.


Blinds, curtains and even motorized projection screens can be controlled by Brunt Blind Engine. To do this, just place the device at the lower level of the blind frame and attach the Blind cords to the gadget. And that’s it!

It can automate the action of raising or lowering blinds and blinds according to our comfort or safety needs. The blinds individually can be controlled automatically by this excellent gadget, and this can be even controlled by using our smartphone. You can operate the device depending on schedules, heat, the position of the sun, etc. This gadget integrates any type of blinds, awnings, curtains or Venetian blinds.

The programming of the integrated sun protection elements to the Smart Blind allows working according to the weather conditions. Depending on the target temperature or depending on the intensity of the wind or rain the blinds work to help in saving and the safety of the house and its users.

The Brunt Blind Engine App also allows you to control the blinds individually, from Smartphones, tablets, and computers. A control always available from any place, also seeing the state and position of the blind even if we are not at home.

Especially in summer, this gadget automatically allows not to let the solar radiation inside the house and thus cause overheating of the different rooms.

Blind _1

Extra protection for cold days, allowing greater insulation from the outside. At dusk, the blind automatically lower, thus allowing the privacy and privacy of the interior.

When the house is left alone all day, the shutters continue to function as they should. In case of rain, if we have programmed it, they will automatically lower the crystals, and if there is smoke detection or any problem that needs to be raised, this wonderful device will make the blind move automatically.

The presence simulation also helps to protect the house from a possible intrusion of light and dust when we are for example on vacation. Some windows are programmed to reproduce the usual movements that we perform when we are in it.


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