Stunning Ultra Sleek TMC Dumont Motorcycle has 36 Inch Hubless wheels

Stunning Ultra Sleek TMC Dumont Motorcycle has 36 Inch Hubless wheels

Bike with the Biggest Wheels Ever: TMC Dumont Motorcycle

Talk about big wheels, the TMC Dumont Motorcycle comes with the biggest wheels you’ve ever seen. The 36 inch hubless wheels are placed on the TMC Dumont in such a way, that according to the maker, the motorcycle appears to be floating. But that’s not all that is special with the TMC Dumont Motorcycle. This motorcycle is powered by an airplane engine, talk about overkill.

TMC Dumont Motorcycle

The whole concept of the TMC Dumont motorcycle was thought of by Brazilian ex- Formula One driver, Tarso Marques for the Daytona Bike Week rally. At this rally, participants have to customize their own bike and also the bike should run. The TMC Dumont motorcycle not only runs but inspires a reaction from all those to gaze upon this mammoth of a bike.

The Design of the TMC Dumont motorcycle:

The whole concept of the TMC Dumont motorcycle was taught of by Tarso Marques. The ex- Formula One driver wanted to create an impression on all those who looked at the TMC Dumont motorcycle.

Hence, the 36 inch hubless wheels and the airplane engine. Plus the positioning of the wheels is not like in your ordinary bike. They are fitted lower on the bike to make the TMC Dumont bike look as if it is floating, according to the designer.

TMC Dumont Motorcycle

The TMC Dumont motorcycle is powered by a 300 horsepower Rolls Royce Continental V6 aircraft engine. The engine was out of order and Tarso marques decided to return it to its former glory in the TMC Dumont motorcycle.

According to the creator, the TMC Dumont  is a concept that he has been thinking over for the last 15 years and he calls it “the most expressive event of customization in the world”.

The TMC Dumont  was made to create an impact and an impact it did make at the 77th Daytona Beach Bike Week Rally held at Florida this year. The bike was awarded the title of “Best in Show”.

Made in Brazil:

The TMC Dumont motor cycle was designed and made wholly in Brazil, right from the design of the chassis to the painting of the frame, was wholly a Brazilian make. The designer intended to make the TMC Dumont motor cycle 100% in Brazil without any foreign supplier and that he did.

The whole concept of the TMC Dumont motorcycle’s tires was thought of and designed by Tarso himself, making this project a wholly customized one.

Tarso has not revealed any details about the cost or top mileage on the TMC Dumont .

What happened before the TMC Dumont Motorcycle:

The airplane engine powering the Dumont motorcycle, once powered small aircrafts like a Cessna. The TMC Dumont motorcycle has got its name from a Brazilian inventor and aviation pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont.

The engine was taken from an air club in Parana and was wholly restored to its former glory.

The TMC Dumont is made from a combination of chrome, carbon fibre and metal alloys.


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