Google New Pixel 3 Will Add Wireless Charging

Google New Pixel 3 Will Add Wireless Charging

Wireless charging to be launched with the new Pixel 3?

Rumors were a strife since Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone X and XL that Google too would release its own phone with wireless charging. But since then there have been no talks about the new form of charging from Google. Next came talks of a new Google phone, under the Pixel banner, the new Pixel 3. After that there had been talks of what the new Pixel 3 phone would have and the internet was full of leaks about the new Pixel 3. The recent leak now has to do with the new Pixel 3 having wireless connectivity.

The one thing that has been lacking in Google phones was wireless charging which iPhone already had going on for it with iPhone 8, X and X XL. Recently 9to5Google picked up coding from the updated Google app 8.14 that confirms that the new pixel 3 could be getting wireless charging to go with it.

What does the Coding say about the New Pixel 3?

The major giveaway when it comes to the coding was that it contained references to a new Pixel stand allegedly supposed to come out with the new Pixel 3.

This Pixel stand works as a smart speaker with access to the Google assistant while the phone becomes a screen that gives answers or responses to your questions.

To use this feature you would have to give express permission for the Pixel stand to use it.

Ok so what about the new Pixel 3’s Wireless Charging?

So now we know that Google has got a Pixel stand in the works that is supposed to be used when your phone is locked and on the stand.

We already know that android phones come with Google assistant and that all Pixel phones have that functionality, then why use the Pixel stand when you’ve got the phone itself that has the same feature?

The answer is simple, while you can use your phone and its features easily when it is not charging, you won’t be able to use it much on charging and that is where the Pixel stand comes in.

To add to this, when Google released the previous version of its updated app back in June, there was coding to suggest that Google was working on a wireless dock for Pixel. Since that could not be for pixel 2 or its XL counterpart, it had to be for the new Pixel 3 and its large sized brother. The coding referred to the wireless dock as “Dreamliner” and now we have news of the Pixel stand which could actually be the “Dreamliner”.

Another major development with the new Pixel 3 phone is that it is going to be released with a glass backing which was something similar to what Apple did with its iPhone 8, X and X XL. They transitioned form a metal back to a glass back to aid in better wireless conductivity aka wireless charging.

The same has now happened with the new Pixel 3.

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