Gadget Review: Jaybird Run True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Gadget Review: Jaybird Run True Wireless Sport Earbuds

Jaybird Run  the wireless earbuds for sportsmen introduced.

The wireless sports headset sector has become a bit bigger with a new model from Logitech-owned Jaybird. In this case, it is the Jaybird Run model, since it uses a Bluetooth connection 4.1 to communicate each of the two headsets with the device with which it is paired.

This Jaybird Run gadget lasts upto 4 and 12 hours of use, and take 2 hours to fully recharge through a micro-USB connection. On the audio field, they have a 6 mm transducer, with a frequency response between 20 and 20 000 Hz, 16 Ω impedance and an output power of 12 mW with level limiter. Jaybird Run also has an omnidirectional microphone with a sensitivity of -38 dB.

 Jaybird Run earbuds

The Bluetooth connection can be used with hands – free functions, listening to music. This gadget requires a mobile device with iOS 9 or Android 4.4, or higher versions, or a PC with Bluetooth. They can be controlled by pressing the sides to play or pause music, or activate Siri or the Google Assistant. Jaybird Run is also water proof to be used in all kinds of exercises.

The revolutionary Jaybird Run wireless earbuds with sporty design allow you to boost your passion and boost you to train more, run longer or simply carry your daily activities wherever you are.

This revolutionary headset got the positive gadget review from the experts says that Jaybird Run deliver unprecedented wireless sound in a super-small package that delivers incredible comfort, long-lasting battery life and lifetime sweat warranty.

Includes a handy carrying case that simplifies the storage of hearing aids and accessories when not in use. Audio Bluetooth Shift Premium is a proprietary technology that guarantees you listen to as it decodes audio with optimized bit rate resulting in clear Bluetooth audio.

In addition, the PureSound integrated filtering system filters out and eliminates white noise. Jaybird Run patented X-Fit technology allows you to use the X2 headphones as external headphones for a great experience while you’re active. Or, choose the traditional style of use below the ears to enjoy your music and answer your calls.

Jaybird Run Case

Either way, the practical cable management system reduces its length so that it will not get in the way or get entangled in your neck while you’re active. In addition, the gadget is very comfortable and is designed to stay in place. Premium Comply tips, which are designed exclusively for Jaybird Run, offer maximum noise isolation, fit and comfort, while the patented X2 sports stabilizers fit the upper, back and lower surfaces of the ear, so that the gadget will be held in place safely.

You can choose to listen all day or enjoy a whole week of training sessions thanks to the HD battery that offers up to 8 hours of playback before needing to be recharged.

Integrated voice control of Jaybird Run provides an excellent user experience. Put on the gadget, hold down the power button and Jenna (the assistant) will take the command saying “power on”. Jenna also helps you when making connections. tested them and they really are very good, both in the fidelity of sound and elimination of noise as in their comfort (something very important). The kit of Jaybird Run includes several sizes of the earphone to fit the best way to your ear and do not move, its battery lasts up to 8 hours. If you are a very active person or run marathons with music are an excellent purchase.

Jaybird Run  price is $ 3,699, take advantage of the promotion in Best buy with 15% until



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