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Google New Pixel 3 Will Add Wireless Charging

by August 6, 2018

Wireless charging to be launched with the new Pixel 3? Rumors were a strife since Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone X and XL that Google too would release its own phone with wireless charging. But since then there have been

Pixel Launcher Update Brings New Features to Original Pixel Smartphones

by November 27, 2017

Pixel Launcher update makes it more better and efficient than before Pixel 2 Smartphone from Google’s stable came with a new Pixel launcher, which left everyone wishing for it earnestly on their Smartphone. Google has finally thought of bringing this

Google pixel XL Yet Another Expensive Experiment?

by October 19, 2016

Google pixel XL, The Smart Gadget That Makes Into Our Way The world is now a better place to live in and with all the comfort zones expanding its boundaries, our lives have got easier. With just a few clicks,