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LG introduces new OLED and SUPER UHD HDR TV line-up with ThinQ AI and Dolby Atmos

LG introduces new OLED and SUPER UHD HDR TV line-up with ThinQ AI and Dolby Atmos

LG brings the AI capability along with OLED screens to its new line-up of TV

LG is seen as a major contender in the TV segment where it gives a stiff competition to the Samsung. This year LG came up with a new line up of highly expensive but impressive TVs at the CES 2018 but it didn’t divulged much details about it.

How LG has changed its stance and it is simply offering everything to grip at an event in Seoul, South Korea. There is no denying fact every other television launching in 2018 is a smart TV with expensive price tag and whole load of exciting and interactive features.

TVs are simply going slimmer than ever before and LG keep up with the trend but brings in the power of the AI which is a first for the company.  All TVs in this line-up will come with the OLED panels, Dolby Atmos sound and Alpha 9 processor which will be powering the AI system effectively.

A lineup of premium LG televisions

It has showcased its line-up of premium TV with OLED panels thrown for better measure. This includes W8, G8, E8, C8 and B 8 models which happens to extremely slim in nature.

W8 can be seen as the epitome of LG’s classic wall per TVs and it will be made available in the sizes ranging from 77 inch to 65 inch.

There is no doubt that last year’s W7 was a great television in its own game but with W8 LG has improved its flagship TV to the next level.

W8 comes loaded with the LG’s Alpha 9 processor with support for the high digital frame rate (HDR) with 120 frames per second. This new processor helps W8 to offer ore clearer picture quality owing to the improved algorithms.

Dolby Atmos can still be found on the W8 offering amazing sound quality coming from the integrated sound bar which simply does away with the need of having any extra surround sound system.

AI is the key differentiator

LG has given a huge focus towards the artificial intelligence in the recent times. In the MWC 2018 in brought the AI capabilities to the smartphone with the launch of the ThinQ platform and now same platform is being used to provide AI capabilities to the TVs.

This new line up of the TVs comes with the coveted Natural Language Processing (NLP) feature which allows viewers to control their TV with voice commands. Viewers can use simple phrases like “search for a particular movie’s soundtrack” or “turn off the TV once the show is over”.

The best thing here is that viewers aren’t required to specify the exact name of the movie or show in question which giving voice commands to the LG TV. These will be powered with the LG’s Deep ThinQ deep learning platform and in the initial stage it will be made available in the 14 countries which include United States, United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada.  LG has kept the pricing of the new line-up of smart TVs under the wraps for the time being.

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