Can the Moto Z2 Stand up to its Competition?

Can the Moto Z2 Stand up to its Competition?

May the force be with you or in this case, the Moto Z2 can be with you if you have the budget to go with it coming in at higher price this phone can be steep buy for many, but is it a worthwhile buy for that amount of money? The major feature in the Moto Z2 that everyone is raving about is the shatterproof display screen or screens.

The One Plus 5T is major competition for this phone but the Z2’s shatter proof glass makes it an even better buy when it comes to choosing between the two phones. What’s more is that this phone is fast, maybe not as fast as the One Plus 5T but with a slight slowness that is barely discernible and the Z2’s unshatterable glass ( if that is even a word), you may find the Moto Z2 a decent buy when it comes to the smart phone market.

That unshatterable display(that word again) in the Moto Z2:

This phone was made for those who have so- called butter fingers and can’t keep their phones in their hands for long without dropping it and damaging the screen.

After multiple drops some on purpose and others not (more on purpose though), the Moto Z2 has come away without any noticeable scratches, dents or what- have- you’s. This indestructible phone is just what a person with butter finger needs and that is most of us.

So what makes the Z2’s screen so indestructible? The Moto Z2 comes with 5 layers to its screen with two of the layers being lenses. With all this protection the  Z2 can even do without the normal screen protectors and such.

Then what about the Touch on the Moto Z2?

The Moto Z2 comes with an AMOLED display but the touch and the look of the screen looks a bit different, what with two lens layers and all. Not that the look of the display is odd, it’s just that it is not your average looking AMOLED display, but the turnoff with the two layers is still acceptable and pretty decent.

As for the feel or touch of the screen, is a little tacky considering that you’re touching the lens layer of the display. This is not to say that Z2’s touch is laggy or unresponsive when you touch it.

What about performance of the Moto Z2?

Motorola’s Phones are known to be fast, the Moto Z2 is no different. The Z2 offers high speed performance and with it’s indestructible display, it proves to be a good buy at higher price.

The Moto Z2 also comes with 64GB of storage and a bunch load (by that I mean 6 GB) of RAM which is good enough (who am I kidding its great!!) for most people.

The Moto Z2 runs on Android 8.0 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The battery in the Z2 will easily last you a day and half on full charge.

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