Sometimes, lighting charcoal becomes a daunting task. The waiting time, messy ash as well as the occasional toe burn. You may prefer to use charcoal over gas and electric grills. But several people like to use the second one because these are simple to use. You only need to turn a knob to start cooking. If you want to light your charcoal fast and safely, this article is for you. It is because we have covered looftlighter charcoal starters in this article.

It comes in battery-operated or corded versions. Applying this model to charcoal gives 1200°F superheated air, which can light charcoal in seconds. Looftlighter can fast-forward the process to allow you to grill in 5 minutes. You can get the perfect glow smoldering after using the product.

What Is The Looftlighter?

Looftlighter is the fastest charcoal & fire starter. It can light charcoal, briquettes, and wood within sixty seconds, except for dangerous chemicals.

How to use looftlighter:

You need to use looftlighter electric lighter in this way:-

 Touch: You need to create a pile of charcoal first. Then, you should touch this with the tip of the looftlighter.

Pull backward: As soon as you see the sparks, you must pull them back a few inches. Thus, heat can spread throughout the charcoal.

Continue: You need to aim the product continuously towards the same spot for at least 60 seconds.

Why Should Use The Looftlighter?

 This Looftlighter electric fire lighter produces no flame or gas. It gives superheated air to ignite the charcoal. You can use this to light wood and can be used outdoors for grilling. It can also be used indoors for your fireplace. Looftlighter comes with an integrated bottle opener.


If you want to start your charcoal grill, fireplace, or pizza oven quickly, then you need to use a looftlighter. You can see the fire ignite after sixty seconds. Now, leave the wood or charcoal to get ready. Or you can speed up the method by air streaming continuously pointing the airstream of the looftlighter towards same spot. Then, you can see the fire is ready in minutes.


The model gives no flame, and doesn’t use gas, or chemicals. It uses super-heated air only. There exists a safety casing that can cool to the touch within seconds after usages.


People use plenty of chemicals daily to get their fires started. But there is no need to do so as the looftlighter has solved the issue. Only using super-heated clean air, now you can start the fire. So, stop CO2 emissions, hazardous stinking chemicals, and bad-tasting food.

Indoor and outdoor:

It can be used throughout the year. If you do not barbecue in the winter, use it indoors to fire up your chimney, fireplace, or hearth fire in a minute.

Perfect functionality:

The product is mainly designed based on functionality & simplicity, and material treatment. It is the first ever model which works as a fire starter. Looftlighter has a stand and hook which can work as an integrated bottle opener.

U.S Patented:

The product got its patent in the United States of America in 2010. It is the original one using the technique to light a grill.

How to Maintain & Care:

The user manual says people must keep the perforated holes along the aluminum casing clean. When you clean this, you need to refrain from using detergent. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

During winter, you must store it inside. However, this tool needs very little maintenance.

Ensure that you pull the nozzle away when you see the charcoal starts sparking. It prevents the melting nozzle issue.

Top products:

Looft Lighter X:


LooftLighter X is the most costly charcoal starter. People willing to use a top-quality fire starter can use it. The Looft Lighter brand has been in this field for many years. It is unique because there is no need to find a plug for it. The reason is that it is completely wireless but comes with the same amount of power.

While the Looft Lighter X cordless product takes some hours to reach a full charge, it can last for many grilling sessions. You only need some seconds to light & reach temperatures up to about 1200℉.


Easy to use: You only need to hit the button and grill on charcoal without any problem. Using this cordless looftlighter, you can now spend time cooking food. So, you don’t need to struggle with lighter fluid and firestarters. You can easily start your charcoal and ready it for cooking. It lets you light multiple times on 1 charge.

Perfection: If you want to light a charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, this product can get the perfect glow smoldering quickly. So, cooking food has become easier now.



More expensive compared to other models

Looft Lighter 1


It can offer 1200°F flameless heat, which can start the charcoal in seconds. Therefore, it is possible to grill as fast as 5 min. Using the superheated airflow, the lighter can easily speed up the procedure. Then, it will turn the charcoal grey and grill ready.


Safe: You don’t need any toxic or hazardous chemicals anymore, just use the model. This one is effective and safe.

Versatile: It is perfect to use for lighting a charcoal grill, pizza oven, fireplace logs, or briquettes.


  • Versatile
  • Safe to use


The heat comes out like a hairdryer

The bottom line:

In this article, we have covered the details about looftlighter along with covering the top two products in the market. If you still have any queries, let us know via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is a looftlighter?

It is the fastest lighter in the world.

Are electric fire starters worth it?

You can start your charcoal using Electric fire starters. These also help to light up your charcoal grill on a weeknight.

What is the difference between Looftlighter and bison?

 Unlike looftlighter, Bison is cordless. You can charge Bison Airlighter via any USB port.


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