Wine Pourer

Wine Pourer

Wine pourer, known as wine pour spouts, is useful and can be afforded easily. These let you pour wine consistently so that you can pour wine with perfection. While these double-like bottle stoppers, these also smooth tannins in wine. When you go to buy any wine pourer, you can find a lot of choices. Therefore, wine enthusiasts must do good research before purchasing. Let’s go through the article to learn what it is, how to use it, types of wine pourer, how to choose the best wine pourer, and so on.

What is a Wine pourer?

Wine pourers refer to the small holes in the bottom section of wine bottles used to pour wine in free flow without spilling drips. Every wine connoisseur must have heard the term ‘pour spouts’ already. These help to prevent spills and stains when you set your beverage down on a table or countertop.

What should you purchase for Wine Bottle Pour Spouts?

 The spouts are essential for wine-tasting, mainly for wine aficionados. While a few people use these so that wine doesn’t get spilled from the top of wine bottles, some people use them to avoid the waste of valuable liquid. When you use these, you can control the pouring speed of the wine along with the quantity. These let you aerate the wine and allow it to breathe. As a result, you can get a more enjoyable taste experience. Several people get intimidated when they pour out their wine, and the reason is that they don’t have a lot of experience in this field. But if you learn some tricks, you can also learn how to use a pour spout properly. Bartenders use these to expedite the procedure to make their work quick and avoid wastage.

What Are the Different Types of Wine Pourers?

The different types of wine pourers are as follows:-

Handheld wine pourers: These are held above the glass of wine. When you use this, you need both of your hands for performing the job. If you don’t pay attention, your glass can be overfilled. That’s why several people don’t want to use these.

Regular wine pourers: This type of wine pourer is the most famous one on the market. While these are connected straight to the bottle top, you need one hand only to operate. Most pourers come with an aerator used to enhance wine’s overall flavor.

Electric wine pourers: These automatically dispense aerated wine. You can get them available in many shapes. An electric wine pourer comes in different features like LED lights & self-cleaning functions. Usually, these are more expensive.

How Much Do Wine Pourers Cost?

People need to invest between $9 to upwards of $70 for some particular pourers. The price depends on the type of pourer you use, the quality of materials, and the manufacturer. It is advised to not purchase a low-end model because these are produced poorly. So, these are not worth the money. Based on quality & value, it will be best to go with a medium-priced wine pourer.

Buying Guide of the Best Wine Pourer:

 Whether you are looking for any basic or sophisticated model, there are always many options to select from. Have you decided which one you will choose for your needs and unique preferences? This buying guide lets you know which factors to consider before selecting the correct wine pourer for your home.


It is the first buying factor you should consider. You must evaluate the material of your wine pourer. Usually, these consist of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. Do you want to buy a durable product? If so, you will be recommended to select stainless steel, which is very robust. In addition, stainless steel can last for many years. If you desire to use an extraordinary wine pourer, go with those consisting of glass. Using a glass wine pourer will give you a luxurious feel. These are also very attractive. If you wonder about price or want an affordable option, a plastic wine pourer is perfect. However, these are not so effective when you consider durability and appearance. You must remember that these might impact your taste in wine negatively.


Ensure that your wine pourer comes with a rubber seal and must be connected to all wine bottles— small and large. You can find the information available somewhere in the product description.

Extra feature: While purchasing the new product, ensure that your package includes these extra features:-

  • User manual: These instructions let you analyze how to install it correctly and use the pourer.
  • Carrying case: Using a travel bag, you will be able to carry the wine pourer easily from one place to another.
  • USB charger (only for electric): If you plan to buy an electric wine pourer, you must ensure that the packaging includes a compatible USB charger.

How to Use A Decanter:

The process is easy, like you pour wine from the bottle to the decanter. However, several subtleties to the technique are there about which wine enthusiasts must be aware:

  • Suppose you have an old red wine bottle. You need to keep the bottle standing upright for 24 hours so that all sediment at the bottom of the bottle gets settled.
  • You should open the bottle after preparing the wine decanter and wine glass.
  • Remember that you need to pour wine at a 45° angle into the decanter to ensure that it hits the glass sides. It can boost the wine aeration process.
  • You need to hold a candle or flashlight under the bottleneck. The trick helps to see all sediments easily if you pour an older wine.
  • Once you see all the sediments at the neck, you should stop pouring.
  • Then, you need to provide the decanter a swirl once you complete pouring for further aeration, and thereafter, you can set that aside.
  • After aerating, pour the wine from the decanter into your glass.

If you have inexpensive young wine, remember that it has little to no sediment. Remember that the oxidation method can be sped up through shock decanting:

  • Your first task is pouring some wine into the decanter. Then, re-cork the bottle and shake it.
  • Increase the speed of the aeration process during the shaking of the bottle.
  • The remaining needs to be poured into the decanter. Then, you should wait for about twenty minutes before you serve it in your wine glass.

How to Clean Your Wine Decanter:

You should know that it is not so simple to clean a decanter. While a few decanters are dishwasher safe, some need a hands-on approach a little bit more. These are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Use fragrance-free soap: If you clean your decanter, remember to use fragrance-free soap to prevent wine from getting soapy odors.

Buy a decanter cleaner: It is a long pipe cleaner with a handle that can reach the bottom of your decanter. Regarding navigating to the hard-to-reach areas, you should use cleaning beads for a more intricate vessel.

Dry the decanter well: Use a large bowl with a paper towel or cloth napkin. If necessary, you can use a decanter dryer.

Purchase a wine decanter set: A set comes with a cleaning brush and drying stand. Using the drying stand is possible to hold your decanting wine. If you love wine, it will be a good gift for you.


Hope, you have now come to know everything about wine pourer. Now it’s time to use your skills. Wine pourers are useful as well as budget-friendly. So, if you need them, you can purchase one for yourself. If necessary, go with those which let you pour wine without removing the cork.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you need a special occasion for an animal head wine pourer?

 You don’t need any particular occasion to use an animal head wine pourer. People take wine to enjoy, don’t think about the occasion. So, if using a fancy wine pourer gives you more enjoyment, let it be.

Is a wine pourer the same as an aerator?

Yes, it is the same in multiple cases. Several pourers, like rabbit wine aerator pourers and many animal head wine pourer styles, work as aerators. However, a few wine pourers should not be used as aerators. It completely depends on the type of wine pourer you need.

Do you need a wine pourer?

A wine pourer is not a must to use to enjoy wine. If you want, then you can buy one for yourself. Besides, if you are looking for a fancy one, there are always many options out in the market. You can even choose your favorite pourer style at an affordable price range.

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