New Mobile Cloud Computing Solution to Lower Mobile Costs

New Mobile Cloud Computing Solution to Lower Mobile Costs

Mobile Data just got Cheaper with Mobile Cloud Computing

Don’t we just love when things are said to get cheaper!! Well one such thing could be our mobile data’s prices. We all use data on our phones and a part of using it involves hefty costs but we can’t seem to do without it either. So we go on paying those steep costs.Much of what we pay has to do with a remote cloud center which supplies us with the data that we for our phones. This becomes a costly affair as the remote server has to be maintained and involves complex processing which cannot be performed elsewhere, except for now but this can replaced with Mobile Cloud Computing Technology

What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Researchers at the University of Sydney have discovered a way to cut those high costs associated with mobile data with mobile cloud computing. They have discovered that by using the unused potential of mobiles, tablets and other devices, users can get maximum service for cheaper the price. This is what is meant by mobile cloud computing. Think of it as a user’s mobile becomes the remote server now. Also imagine the number of people having mobiles out there and if they all participated in cloud computing? Wouldn’t that bring down the price?

How will Mobile Cloud Computing work?

For mobile cloud computing to work there is a need of a mobile service provider that acts as an intermediary between one user (the one providing the used service) and another (the one using the service).

Mobile cloud computing works, by tapping the unutilized potential of mobile data in a person’s phone. Of course, for mobile cloud computing to work, the participation of various users are required and no one is going to provide data to a stranger for free. Researchers at the University of Sydney say that people need to incentivized about this cloud computing, this could be through offering discounts on future mobile bills or maybe even credit points.

How Effectively Will Mobile Cloud Computing Work?

The researchers at the University of Sydney in collaboration with Zhejiang University have tested mobile cloud computing and found that it meets standards and not only this, mobile cloud computing even outperforms expectations.

Their next course of action is to test this technology in the general population and see how it performs there.

It is to be seen how willing users are to have their unused data utilized by someone else even with the incentives.

We have to also take into account about how far a mobile service provider is going to pass on their cheaper costs, in the form of discounts or credits, to their users for participating in a  cloud computing scheme.

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While there may be lower costs involved in maintaining the remote cloud server, there is also a possibility of higher costs in having brokers deal with various customers. How much the lower costs of maintaining a remote server will offset the expenses of having a broker to deal with various customers will depend on different mobile providers.

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