Tattoo Sensors: Plants Get Sensor ‘Tattoos’ That Track Water

by January 16, 2018

What can a tattoo do? Well it can act as a sensor but not on human beings but on the plants. A plant scientist from Iowa State University has developed Tattoo Sensors on tape, which can be easily attached to

Meltdown and Spectre: How Chips Hack Work

by January 15, 2018

Fixing Vulnerabilities – Computer chips Technology corporations have been making attempts in fixing the main vulnerabilities located in computer chips providing more insight on these chips that are ideally being targeted by hackers.  Overall, Meltdown together with Spectre tends to

Piezoelectric Tiles Light the Way for Kennedy Space Center Visitors

by January 10, 2018

Kennedy Space Center gets Piezoelectric Tiles Light on the Visitor’s Pathway Our search for new age technology which can help in powering cities of the future has finally come to an end. A team of scientists at the NASA Kennedy

Tacotron 2: Generating Human-like Speech from Text

by December 22, 2017

Making apps and neural networks smarter and getting the systems more human like is what companies and app developers are striving to achieve these days with their product offering. Creating natural or more human like sounding speech is one of

Samsung Galaxy S9 Could Charge to Full in Just Twelve Minutes

by December 11, 2017

Samsung is slated to come out with a smartphone with its battery charging in just 12 mins of its Samsung Galaxy S9. It will be a revolution in battery technology, which can be used in smartphones, electric cars and wearables. Most

The new “In” thing: Wearable Technology

by December 6, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where pulling out your phone may be a distraction or possibly not allowed, even if you have to silence the phone to stop disturbing others? For example you may be at a meeting

Google Paper Signals: Cute Voice Experiment Lets You Track The World With Paper

by December 6, 2017

Now you can track the world with a  Google’s new voice based experiment Paper Signals The tech giant Google isn’t seemed to slow down at all. Last year saw a remarkable increase in the sales and popularity of Pixel devices though

New Mobile Cloud Computing Solution to Lower Mobile Costs

by December 1, 2017

Mobile Data just got Cheaper with Mobile Cloud Computing Don’t we just love when things are said to get cheaper!! Well one such thing could be our mobile data’s prices. We all use data on our phones and a part

An Easy to Make Curved Image Sensor for Optoelectronics Origami

by November 30, 2017

Do you know about curved Image Sensor? This is the generation of selfies, anybody and everybody these days from someone’s grandpa to their aunt, we’re all taking pictures. But are the pictures an actual representation of what we are truly

Smart Fabric: How to Store Information in Your Clothes Invisibly, Without Electronics

by November 27, 2017

Now You Can Store Information Right In Your Smart Fabric Our modern age has become such a time where the marvels of the science fiction are becoming reality by every passing day. Scientists have discovered a new type of fabric