Gadget Reviewed: Vivo Y95

Gadget Reviewed: Vivo Y95

All that there is to Know of the Vivo Y95!

While you have the best of the best in the market like the iPhone and Samsung’s a9, these come in at a very high price. Looking a little lower the price scale, you have phones like the Vivo Y95, that tries to pack in much for the price. While it may be no way near the iPhone and Samsung phones it still has a lot to offer. So let’s take a look at what the Vivo Y95 has to offer. Is it worth the buy or just another sub- par phone?

Design of the Vivo Y95:

The phone may not have anything new to look at. The Vivo Y95 looks the same as a number of other Vivo phones in the market such as the Vivo V11 Pro and the Vivo X21. The smartphone comes with a curved back and edgy covers which provides a good grip.

The back of the Vivo Y95 is in plastic and although the material sounds cheap, the phone looks anything but. The back panel also comes in a dual color which seems to be a theme running with 2018 releases.

Coming to the weight of the phone, the  Y95 feels heavy due to its bigger capacity battery.

Vivo Y95

Since we’re at the back, the phone comes with a dual camera system at the back as well as a finger print scanner that sits dead center at the back of the phone.

Going to the front of the phone, you have the large screen with a small notch or in Vivo terms “halo notch”. While the notch in other phones may not do much, in the Y95 it houses the front facing or selfie camera. For those annoyed with bezels, you need not get too upset, the Y95 houses small bezels at the sides, not losing much when it comes to screen space.

Besides your usual volume and sleep button placed on the side of the phone, you also have a micro USB charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack sitting at the bottom of the phone.

Display on the Vivo Y95:

The Vivo Y95 features a 6.22 inch Halo full view display with 1520 by 720 HDplus resolution. The display quality is good with the right saturation and overall satisfactory picture quality, making it good for binge watching shows.

The HD plus rating is satisfactory but could have been better if Vivo opted in for Full HD plus rather than just HD plus.

Core performance with the Vivo Y95:

The Vivo Y95 is powered by a snapdragon 439 processor which is latest in the 400 series processor lineup. The Vivo Y95 also comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB worth of internal storage which also happens to be expandable.

For simple tasks the Vivo Y95 seems to handle things well but is not really adept at handling larger or more complex stuff. It may not be great for live gaming and such but handles daily stuff well.

Apps start well enough when only a few of them are running, but try to having multiple apps running at the same time and the phone does show a noticeable lag. As mentioned earlier the phone handles small games easily, but the problems start when playing games such as PUBG. You might have to tone down the resolution of the game in order to get the best out of playing it with the Vivo Y95.

As for the OS, the Vivo Y95 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with FunTouch OS 5.2 running on the top. The OS is smooth in its functioning and offers the ability to run dual apps at once. The Vivo Y95 also comes with pre-loaded apps such as iTheme, EasyShare, Paytm, PhonePe and much more.

Although the phone does come with a lot of pre- loaded apps it in no way slows down the phone.

The call system is smooth and the Vivo Y95 does a decent job in blocking ambient noise.

Coming to the Camera on the Vivo Y95:

The camera always has been a major selling point for Vivo phones and this one is no different too. The Vivo Y95 comes with a 20MP AI selfie camera which the company has not felt shy to show off. Besides the 20MP front camera, the Vivo Y95 also comes with a 13MP and 2MP rear cameras.

Shooting pictures with the  Y95 is good enough in well lit areas, but the camera does not perform too well in low light places.  The AI feature of the  Y95 is good at minimizing the grainy look when it comes to photos as well as a few other shortcomings.

The front end camera is much better than the one at the rear with the Vivo Y95. Which one would expect when it comes to a 20MP camera sitting in the front. To get truly good pictures of a desirable quality it is better to switch off the beauty mode. The beauty mode lends a very sharp and often unnatural feel to pictures.

The camera app with the  Y95 loads fast and offers a variety of modes such as professional, Face Beauty, Slow, Panorama, Google Lens, Time Lapse, AI scene Recognition and much more. You even get HDR and AR stickers along with the Vivo Y95 camera app. The Y95 also has portrait modes when it comes to both front and rear end cameras.

As for video quality, the Vivo Y95 can shoot 1080p videos at 30 frames per second.

Battery on the Vivo Y95 phone:

The  Y95 comes with 4000mAh battery life which is long lasting in a medium to long usage scenario. With average usage the phone can last for up to a day with a little juice to spare in the end.

While the Vivo Y95 may not be the best phone on the market it does provide some decent performance. The phone also comes with a better than expected battery life.

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