HP ZBook X2 World Most Powerful Detachable PC

HP ZBook X2 World Most Powerful Detachable PC

HP’s ZBook X2 – Most Powerful Detachable PC in the World

The new ZBook x2 had been released by HP at Adobe’s Max conference recently raising the stakes for pro-level 2-in-1 devices after the announcement of Surface Book 2 of Microsoft. HP has been labelling the ZBook X2 as a detachable workstation with claims that it tends to be the most powerful detachable PC in the world, while the Surface Book has been competing with MacBook Pro of Apple with regards to creative class laptop space.  The ZBook cannot be compared to its fellow Windows hybrid system and is priced at $1,749.  In comparison to the latest Surface Book, the ZBook x2 features either seventh-or-eighth-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 CPUs.

HP ZBook X2

Microsoft improves on HP by comprising of a discrete graphic card with several Surface Book 3 configuration while the Nvidia Quadro M620 of x2 tends to be optional, though more powerful than the GeForce GTX 1050 or 1060 cards included by Microsoft.

With the additions of a 15-inch Surface Book 2 by Microsoft, to the prevailing 13.5-inch form factor, the ZBook x2 tends to differ with a 14-inch, 3,840×2,160 (4K) touchscreen display which seems to be somewhat higher resolution than either of the new surface.  HP provides 32GB of RAM but the other configurations of ZBook x2 come with 8GB or 16GB similar to the Surface Book.

ZBook X2 Laptop That Alters Into Tablet

Microsoft has advertised its latest laptop as the most out of its Office software while HP tends to opt to appeal to digital media mavens with its Adobe-friendly features comprising of configurations built in various Adobe apps like Photoshop, Premiere and much more.


Moreover it is also inclusive of a subscription of one year to Creative Cloud, an optional `DreamColor’ display having 100% Adobe RGB colour space together with HP Quick Keys for the purpose of Adobe’s programs for easy access to shortcuts.  HP has mentioned that it would begin shipping the ZBook x2 in December.


Users can avail more details on this 2-in-1 workstation at their sister site CNET’s coverage. HP had opted to introduce its 14-inch ZBook x2 mobile workstation at Adobe Max which is the annual conference for Creative Clouders.  It is said to be the first detachable mobile workstation, a laptop which tends to alter into a tablet when the magnetically-attached keyboard is removed, that which can be configured with a 10-bit 4K UHD pressure-sensitive display, said to be the first that is made available on a mobile device.


Though the prices tend to begin at $1,750, it’s for a comparatively under powered configuration with dual-core Intel Core i5 and integrated graphics, an 8-bit 4K display and more.Although the price has not yet been out by HP for the maxed-out configuration,  it would have an 8thgeneration i7, the DreamColor 4K display an Nvidia Quadro features M620 GPU, 32GB RAM and 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD and comes with 20% cut for a annual subscription to CC for new users.

ZBook X2 Convertibles – Business Oriented

Two types of laptops are available which tend to double as tablets, detachable, the known2-in-1wherein the keyboard tends to come off similar like the Microsoft surface Pro and the convertibles where the keyboard rotates round the lid for use of the tablet.

Convertibles are said to be more business oriented, adding to standard laptop as well as tablet use.  Moreover they can be placed for presentations together with video conferencing.  Since the keyboard tends to stay attached, there is also adequate space for extra battery cell and larger components.

However it would also mean that it is not comfortable using it as a tablet particularly with a stylus. On the other hand, detachable seem to be much more easy for general use of stylus with the option of leaving the keyboard behind for less weight.  If designed well, they could be much more flexible than plain-old tablets such as the iPad Pro since they tend to run desktop application providing convenient connections to physical devices as well as can drive displays at high resolutions. The detachable is much better with the ZBook x2 when it   physically disconnects the keyboard and automatically connects through Bluetooth wherein the user can still utilise it.  Users with keyboard shortcuts for their most-used application in-built in muscle memory would appreciate the same.  It tends to have 18 programmable buttons on each side of the display.

Fusion Notebook  ZBook X2– Nifty Stylus – Wacom EMR Technology

The HP ZBook x2 features an aluminium and magnesium chassis weighing 1.6 kg having a thickness of 14.6mm when in the tablet mode and 2.2 kg/20.3, in laptop mode.  It has been designed as well as tested to live to the standard of MIL-STD 810G, which means that it tends to have an impressive durability.  The fusion notebook comes with a nifty stylus based on Wacom EMR technology wherein the pen does not need a battery, and tends to dispense with any charging linked rigmarole.  It provides 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity together with multi-directional tilt functionality and also tends to have a built-in eraser. The security features of ZBook x2 comprises of a fingerprint reader, facial recognition together with TPM 2.0 as well as HP Sure Start Gen311 that is said to protect the BIOS. Wacom has been in the premium graphics-stylus business for a long time and its electromagnetic resonance technology tends to be the best.  The x2 does not seem to integrate the latest generation offering 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity together with 60 levels of tilt detection which only the products of Wacom tend to use presently.  However it does provide 4,096 levels of sensitivity together with tilt detection. The best thing regarding EMR is that the stylus tends to charge from the surface and so the need of batteries does not arise and connects automatically on contact instead of using Bluetooth. The screen has been chemically etched by HP for provision of an enhanced feel for stylus as well as touch.  There seems to be fine lines between too slippery and too rubbery while utilising the stylus on tablet screen.  The device has been specifically aimed at artists and design professional that tends to use Adobe’s strong Creative Cloud apps and stylus has also been custom-designed by the company.

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