Panasonic ErgoFit EarBuds — Gadget Reviewed

Panasonic ErgoFit EarBuds — Gadget Reviewed

If you don’t want to go with a chunky over-ear headset, you can buy the Panasonic ErgoFit earphones. It is an excellent alternative for an everyday business like Google Meet conferences. These are plain as a loaf of bread and not made for immersive or fancy purposes. If you’re going to play music or gaming, you must want to switch to the trusty PC gaming headset. The blog offers you a reviewed detail about the gadget.

Features of Panasonic ErgoFit:

Two versions available:

The gadget offers two model versions — without a mic and a Mac. The first one allows you to score the mic-less version for only $9. However, if you are willing to have a mic, go with the version for $11. As there isn’t too much difference, you can grab the product with a mic included.

Long cord:

It contains a lengthy 3.6 feet cord enabling you to move the model easily. These are light on your wallet and noggin. Don’t need to purchase a mic on the side as it is a hassle. They have a mic, three ear tips, and a long cable, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. The cable is flexible enough and can offer comfort. Besides, it helps to thread through your jacket, bag, or backpack.


As it doesn’t have too much weight, you can get much relief after wearing heavy headsets for a while. Panasonic ErgoFit offers a trio of ear tips in the box to enhance comfort. The model includes one large, medium, and small pair of ear tips.

Variety in colors:

The product has many tones and textures available for both models. Every color comes with a different price. Whether you are one of them for those, the few extra bucks don’t matter, and you can buy an exciting hue. The items come at a low price, for which you may even go for two colors and can use any one of the pairs depending on your mood. It has expanded Bass Response that can make you feel comfortable and soft. There exist cord threads through Clothing and Bags and a wide Tonal Range.

Ideal to hear:

This black model is perfect for listening to the ’80s playlist during the retro Jane Fonda workouts. If you’re going outside to hop about town, it is a great model to have with you. Use the soft, snug earbuds to help you to enjoy listening comfortably and conform to your ears.

Wide tonal range:

You can get a wide tonal range that can offer your hip-hop collection’s bass to push you through your spin class. There exists a substantial middle and high range for the people who can inspire Rihanna choruses. Its frequency response is 10 Hz to 24 kHz and 9 mm neodymium drivers.


  • 6′ Cord for additional convenience
  • Extra cable length for flexibility
  • Simple threads via jacket, bag, or backpack


  • Cheaper quality magent is used
  • Not long-term usable.


You can get the gadget reviewed here correctly. We hope that you have gone through the details of Panasonic ErgoFit completely.

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