Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ is the latest as well as the second from the top in Samsung’s lineup for this year. It comes with a top-tier processor, a fancy screen, etc. Besides, it is available in a slim design. Let’s dig into the article to learn about the new features of this premium Android tablet.

What Is New About The Device:

  • New 8MP ultra-wide camera
  • Galaxy S23-like rear camera design
  • S Pen in the box
  • Fast new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy chipset
  • IP68 water resistance
  • Optional cellular connectivity
  • Louder speakers

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ Review:

Price, Availability, and Network:

People can buy this model from different retailers like Samsung, Best Buy, Amazon, and carriers, such as AT&T that are able to provide 5G devices which take advantage of mobile data. After the launch of the S9+, Samsung, Amazon, and Best Buy have been selling its 512GB version for the same $1000 as the 256GB, taking $200 off this tablet. Those who want to buy the 256GB Wi-Fi model need to pay $999. However, those who are willing to go with the 512GB Wi-Fi model should spend $1200. If you are willing to snag the device with 5G support on a carrier like AT&T, you need to spend $1500 on the 256GB mobile data model.

Design and Colors:

Have you seen the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus? Then, you have seen most of what the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ will offer. However, you should know that Samsung has not introduced a lot of changes in this model regarding the overall design. This model consists of Armor Aluminum. As the model comes with a premium look, along with great endurance, it can be said that the tablet would handle scrapes and bumps. You need to know that it’s a 16:10 tablet. While the tablet is narrower than an iPad, it is ideal for those who want to use this model to see TV shows, movies, etc.

This sleek tablet is lightweight and very thin. It comes with the right amount of side bezels for ergonomic purposes. Unlike the tab S9, this model has retained both rear cameras despite the entire appearance being changed. The new tablet which follows the Galaxy S23 series closely has two cameras popping out of the back.

Fortunately, an S Pen still exists in the box. Therefore, it enables you to take notes once you set up your new tablet. This model comes with the omni-directional magnetic S Pen attachment strip at the device’s rear size. It allows you to charge up the writing accessory — no matter how you place it. It is able to eliminate a few of the fiddling that were previously associated with charging the S Pen.

You should know that the Galaxy Tab S9 series offers complete IP68 dust & water protection. The slate is able to survive any liquid that you may throw at it, mainly if it involves freshwater & up to half an hour of soaking.

If you judge this based on color, you will see that this company keeps things a bit more conservative in 2023. The reason is that the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus is available in Graphite & Beige colors. The previous Galaxy Tab S8 Plus came in Graphite, Silver, Pink, & Gold.

Display and Speakers:

The device comes with a 12.4-inch OLED screen, which has a high refresh rate. The refresh rate plays an important role in how pleasing the screen will be to look at. Besides, this model offers a 120Hz screen. Remember that a high refresh rate is important when you use the S Pen, as you will want the screen to update, as fast as you will draw or write.


This latest model runs Android 13 with One UI 5.1.1 on top. The company provides several additional features in order to make the Tab S line shine. For example, it offers extra features like Multi Window support, which enables up to three apps on the screen at a time.

There exists an option allowing you to float windows with Pop-Up View. Besides, there is DeX which is a full-fledged desktop to which you can jump when you click on the button in the Quick Settings panel. It is ideal to use for those who want to work away from home, mainly when there is a spare monitor & mouse to connect to.

Small flourishes make the tablet experience shine. You will be glad to know that you were able to write with the pen into fields in your browser. Besides, the model lets you change the handwritten scratch into text. Unlike the old days of the iPad Pro, you are capable of using the S Pen in order to navigate the entirety of the Tab’s software. For instance, you are able to pull up the app drawer, flip pages while reading an e-book or comic, etc. Several users hate to get fingerprints on the screen. Hence, you need to know that pen navigation could be a legitimate option, in case you ignore the in-screen fingerprint reader & opt to type the password.

This tablet comes with Android 13 along with Samsung’s own One UI 5.1 interface running on top. There are many additional features & refinements over stock Android. It can be stated that the custom interface of Samsung is in its best state. Moreover, it has multiple features & functionalities, which help the model to stand out in the market.

The S Pen lets you write notes, draw, & take creative screenshots. The interesting thing is that the company is bringing a few intriguing apps to the Galaxy Tab series. And these are as follows- the previously iOS-only GoodNotes, LumaFusion, Clip Studio Point, and ArcSite. Even GoodNotes has launched on Android on Galaxy Tab devices.

There are several other features which people prefer such as the PC-like DeX Mode environment & Multi Window. The company will grace the tablet with four important Android updates.  In addition, you can get five years of security patches. It indicates that the tablet which is likely to appear will receive Android 14, Android 15, Android 16, & Android 17. You can ensure that this new tablet is secure from all the new vulnerabilities until 2028.


The new model comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 that is a top-of-the-line processor, and 12GB RAM. The tablet is highly recommended for gaming.


This model includes a 13MP main camera having an autofocus feature. It is aided by an 8MP ultra-wide camera. This is a great improvement over the 6MP camera on the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus.

  • Main Camera:-

It does an okay job. Photos may not really pop up. You can even see some noise here and there. But above all, remember that you should not expect any wonder out of the tablet.

  • Ultra-wide Camera:-

The same thing is applicable to the ultra-wide camera. Although it can fit more in the frame, it isn’t much better based on quality than the main camera.

  • Selfie Camera:-

There is a single 12MP ultra-wide camera at the front. The selfie camera is very important because you will use this camera mainly during video calls and business meetings in Zoom or Teams. But selfies will be okay, and don’t contain fine details.


This new tablet is the only version in the series which is available with the cellular connectivity feature on deck. You should know that the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra even does not come with optional cellular connectivity. Still, you are able to get the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus tablet with 5G support from AT&T, US Cellular, or Verizon. But you should keep in mind that memory or storage combo with cellular connectivity will limit you to up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Therefore, you are unable to choose the 512GB version in this configuration.

Charging Speeds:

When it comes to charging, the model is compatible with 45W charging speeds. Just like its predecessor, it can offer more than decent charging speeds. This tablet is able to charge up completely in two hours. As no charger is available in the box, you have to supply your own.

Audio Quality And Haptics:

The company has decided to include 20% larger speakers in its series. This new model supports full Dolby Atmos. Its sound is tuned by Samsung partner AKG. Although these larger speakers will be able to provide louder sound, it will not have enough depth in the lower frequencies.

Similar to the Galaxy Tab S9, this new version includes a truly bad haptic feedback vibrator motor. It is inaccurate and slow. Although the vibration intensity can be controlled, the available setting is unable to rectify its unimpressive aspect. However, you will be benefited by turning haptic feedback completely off.

Battery and Charging:

This model comes with a 10,090mAh battery, the size of which is the same as the Tab S8+. Besides, the battery life is also the same, where you might get around two days of heavy use. Charging once in a week is fine if you are someone who is going to use the tablet only to read and surf the web. But if you are planning to game a lot, you need to plug in more. However, don’t worry as you can use the supported 45W fast charging to charge your device to full within an hour and a half.


When it comes to talking about 11-inch and 12-inch tablets, some options are available. The regular Galaxy Tab S9 model comes with the same screen at 11 inches and has the same RAM & processor, as the Plus & Ultra models, for $800, which is $200 less than the newly launched model.

A true competitor can be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. This model retails for $100 more. Its screen supports high frame rates. Besides, Apple provides several tablet-optimized apps.


  • Great Screen size and ratio for media consumption
  • The included pen helps to draw and write.
  • It is IP68 water resistance
  • Fantastic speakers


  • The headphone jack is unavailable
  • Cannot lock high refresh rate
  • The fingerprint reader could be better in the power button

The Bottom Line:

After going through the entire article, you will definitely like the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus model, which is maintaining an ideal balance between display and compact size. It can be stated that the model is the ultimate Android tablet which has a decent battery life and awesome display. So, people who are planning to choose a non-iPad tablet in late 2023 can go for the Galaxy Tab S9 Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Samsung Tab S9 Plus worth buying?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus is an excellent device. While the device has a stunning display, it also comes with a powerful 10,090mAh battery. As a result, it can offer an extended battery life.

  1. Is the Tab S9 plus too big?

The Galaxy Tab S9 FE Plus may be too big. Its size is 12.4 inches whereas the weight is 1.4 pounds. It is a type of tablet designed to be docked frequently.

  1. Why are Samsung tablets so expensive?

Cellular parts and the processor are the most expensive components. This tablet includes an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 platform as the Galaxy S23 family & the new Galaxy Z Fold 5.

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