Kids Doll: Cabbage Patch Kids Baby

by December 13, 2017

Everything you need to know about the craze of Cabbage patch Kids Baby There is no dearth of toy and gadgets crazes in our little lifetime but the recent craze for the Cabbage patch Kids Baby dolls is quite mind

New Mobile Cloud Computing Solution to Lower Mobile Costs

by December 1, 2017

Mobile Data just got Cheaper with Mobile Cloud Computing Don’t we just love when things are said to get cheaper!! Well one such thing could be our mobile data’s prices. We all use data on our phones and a part

An Easy to Make Curved Image Sensor for Optoelectronics Origami

by November 30, 2017

Do you know about curved Image Sensor? This is the generation of selfies, anybody and everybody these days from someone’s grandpa to their aunt, we’re all taking pictures. But are the pictures an actual representation of what we are truly

See Sense ACE the Connected Artificial Intelligence Bike Light with a Big Vision

by October 16, 2017

See Sense ACE AI Bike Light For all those bike enthusiasts, by this I mean bicycle enthusiasts, See Sense is come out with its latest gadget, the ACE Artificial Intelligence bike light. Well you might be thinking what’s so great about