Best Babysitting Apps

Best Babysitting Apps

If you want to balance your working life along with the demands and joys of caring for your child, a babysitting app is something which you require the most.  When you are going to hire a babysitter, you may think about which app you should use & how much it will cost. Downloading any of these babysitting apps which are mentioned in this article, enables you to find the best caretaker of your dreams. The apps let parents browse via a database of babysitters. Besides, parents can see the profiles of the babysitters, read reviews, and even book a sitter for any particular date & time. Now, you should go through this entire article properly to learn about the essential features that every babysitting app should have. In addition, we have mentioned the best babysitting apps in this article. You will be able to pick the best one as per your demands and requirements after going through the buying guide.

Essential Features of Babysitting Apps:

Before selecting the best babysitting app, it is necessary to understand its features & other benefits.

  • Availability feature: Using this feature, parents will be able to check whether the babysitters are available for childcare or not.
  • Viewing the profiles: Parents will be able to check babysitters’ profiles registered on the app and verify them.
  • Cost estimation: This function helps to find babysitters by pre-estimating their fees.
  • Background checks & screening: This feature allows parents to ensure their kids’ safety by screening profiles.
  • Ratings and reviews: As a parent, you can read the babysitters’ reviews that other parents gave them.
  • Booking or scheduling features: It lets you book & schedule childcare services.
  • Push notification feature: With the help of this feature, you can keep an eye on your kid. It will notify you about the whereabouts of your children.
  • Live tracking: You, as a parent, can track your babysitter.
  • Online payment: This feature lets parents pay their babysitters via the app.
  • View history: Parents are able to see kids’ activity for the last 24 hours along with the map of all locations where they have visited.

Best Babysitting Apps:


Sometimes you may not have sufficient money to hire a babysitter whom you know personally. Then, you can use UrbanSitter. This app lets you check if someone whom you know has used a particular sitter. Then, you can read their reviews. Adding preschools, elementary schools, or daycares that your kids attend is possible in your profile.

Besides, you can add parenting groups, churches, temples, sports teams, as well as organizations you belong to. In every sitter’s profile, you can see parent reviews & badges that will let you know about the candidates which are favorites. It is also possible to see a potential caregiver’s background checks with other certifications that they own like CPR training.

Suppose, you are not tech-savvy, still the platform can be useful as it is simple to navigate. The 3-step method allows you to post a job, book interviews, schedule appointments, and give payments from mobile. In addition, it lets you send reminders & contact information. UrbanSitter is one of the most preferred apps amongst multiple parents. It is available in more than sixty towns in the US.

Moreover, this app confirms that the babysitters can be trained to give CPR in emergencies. Besides, you can check the number of families the babysitter regularly babysits using UrbanSitter. The app makes payment hassle-free by providing a payment option using a credit card directly via the app. You need to pay $35 monthly with no sign-up commitment. Whereas you have to pay $20 monthly or $125 yearly for a subscription.


It is an application that navigates like a social media platform, allowing you to look for all you need to know about potential sitters. Profiles of all babysitters contain their personal details, location, experience, skills & parent feedback. Before joining the Sittercity community as a caregiver, the company checks to ensure that the applicant has no reported problems. After that, the company reviews the profiles for identity verification and review. Parents can check background and identification tests using this app.

The flexibility & freedom offered by the app is one of the reasons that makes the app one of the best apps in this category. You might need a nanny for overnight care, or for an after-school cover, or for a regular weekend. Hence, you need to post the job needs or look for someone who is available. You only have to tap on a profile to view a babysitter’s calendar & hourly rates.

The app lets you look for a babysitter with specialized skills, like a person who can clean the house, tutor your kids, or have first aid training. This application offers a free basic membership. You can pay $35 monthly for premium membership, whereas for three months, you need to pay $49 or $98 yearly.


Parents can find a babysitter living nearby using the Bambino app. Local and social proximity is used to connect parents with neighborhood sitters whom other parents of the community verify. Prospective babysitters follow a 5-point verification procedure.

When you look for a babysitter on the app, you will get to see the caregivers depending on whom you know, whom your friends know, and also on distance. Therefore, you will be able to choose from such sitters who have already been tried as well as trusted by your friends and communities. Every babysitter lists hourly rates in their profiles. Therefore, before booking, you will get to know an estimate. If you want to get a $5 discount, you can use code THEBUMP5. You can easily download the app & make a profile. Although you don’t need to pay monthly, a small booking fee must be paid with every payment. If you want junior sitters, you have to pay $2.95, whereas for standard, advanced and elite-level sitters, you need to pay $4.95.

Sitter Pro:

With the help of this app, you can connect with friends to see the babysitters they use. It includes an option to set your location and view babysitters nearby. If you find a suitable person, you can introduce yourself with that person through the chat option of the app. After the conversation, you can set up a time for a formal in-person interview.

Once you find the sitters whom you think suitable, you can add them to the go-to babysitter list. In this case, your only task is to choose the date & time when you require a sitter. Then, all your reliable caregivers will receive a notification. As this notification will go via a text message, having the app for the babysitters isn’t mandatory. The first person who responds with a “Y” usually books the gig. Then, other babysitters get alerts that inform them that the job has been filled. Although it has a free basic membership, the premium membership costs $10 monthly or $100 yearly.


This one is a free babysitting cooperative app used to connect parents with individuals in the community of the babysitters. The app provides  ‘cash-in’ opportunities to involve parents in the co-op throughout the year. Moreover, the parents get an option through which they can spend additional earned points on products & gift cards. Komae calculates & transfers points because they provide & receive care to keep things fair.

This one of the best best babysitting apps free works similarly to Facebook. Parents can make a sitter request on the application anytime and send friend requests to those whom they find reliable. As a parent, you can select the persons who will get notifications about the links. The user can earn points when the user accepts an offer in the app. This app includes an option to find babysitters within 5-50 miles of the nearby region. Then, parents can arrange a meet-up with the person to get to know each other.


If you want to identify a fully-vetted babysitter and book them, it is the best app to use. This app is not like, UrbanSitter, SitterCity, Bambino, as this app requires every sitter to complete a thorough background check. Moreover, the Babysitters need to complete a behavioral profile & a skills test. After that, the app lets parents find, shortlist, book, and pay for babysitters. Parents need to pay for the services that they request.

You should know that the Nanno screening process is very rigorous. It ensures that Nanno sitters are courteous and have a calm nature and they are experts in caring for children. Most Nanno bookings get filled within 15 minutes.


The app helps to look for the most reliable and reputable babysitters for busy parents. To get accepted in the Sitter community, every babysitter needs to pass extensive background checks with first aid training.

You need to follow three easy steps to use this app. First, you need to apply different filters to find a babysitter in the area. After that, you can review the verified & trusted babysitters in the area. Depending on the analysis, you can select a babysitter. Then, you can pay in advance. After completion of the tasks, the caregiver’s bank account receives the profits. Unlike other babysitting applications, the app can offer insurance coverage to caregivers.

Babysitters need to sign up on this application and state their availability for this job. In addition, they can receive job updates directly in their inbox. The app  ensures that you will get such babysitters who are certified for working with children and it checks that they own a first-aid certificate. In addition, the app wants babysitters to submit a copy of ID documents for verification. The app has made the payment method easier & deposits the payment into the bank account if parents pay the babysitter directly through the application.


It is one of the best babysitting apps designed for working parents. This app can offer top-quality and budget-friendly backup childcare. Parents will be able to review profiles of vetted sitters and they can request care in 3 hours. The highly screened sitters with a lot of experience and work ethic will be available on-call, when you will need them most. Most babysitters are graduate students, former nannies, and kindergarten teachers.

The app enables you to browse images, videos, and profiles of potential caregivers. If you like a babysitter, you will be able to book that person for an interview or a trial run when you are at home. If you like the babysitters, you can save those persons in your account, as a result of which the next time when you are going to hire a sitter in a pinch, they will be requested first. Moreover, you can give the caregiver a suitable date and time slot to book them in advance directly from the app.

But it is mandatory that you are notifying them at least three hours beforehand. A trustworthy childcare provider will be recommended to you. However, you will be able to check out their bio. The app employs extensive screening processes like ID verification, CPR certification, Criminal background check, and Professional childcare reference calls for the caregivers to ensure your child’s safety. The app can be downloaded for free, and you don’t need to pay monthly fees.


It is a famous babysitting app that has more than 100,000 registered users. On Trustpilot, it has received a 5-star rating. The app’s unique feature is that your friends can let you find the best babysitter through their recommendations. Bubble babysitting app algorithm uses contacts saved in parents’ phone books or their Facebook accounts to find out if someone knows that particular sitter. After that, parents can get recommendations for a specific sitter and reach out to them.

As a parent, it is necessary to post your needs in the app to get the right sitter. You can get a list of babysitters available nearby. Parents can read the profiles thereafter to check if there exist any mutual connections. Every payment to the babysitters will be made through the app. Downloading and using this one of the most popular babysitting apps is possible on iOS & Android. It includes an integrated payment module that lets you go cashless and boost convenience.


Although this app is new in the market, it has the mission of reinventing childcare for working parents. This app recruit highly trained caregivers who are expert in providing child care. Using this app, working parents can get a comprehensive childcare program. Unlike other babysitting applications, you can select between flexible enrollment choices.

It indicates that you are able to enroll the children into the campus program. Additionally, you can hire a personal caregiver for your home. The app focuses on your child’s health & safety and the caregivers offer the highest security standards and care for the ones who are under their responsibility.

They understand very well the emotional bond between parents and their children. That’s why they use real-time communication mediums such as messaging, pictures, & video calls to keep parents connected to their kids. This app provides three learning programs for age groups like infants, toddlers, and pre-schools. This best babysitting app also employs a sophisticated learning model for every age group.


This app streamlines the scheduling and hiring process of the babysitters. While a family can post for needing a babysitting task, babysitters can browse the job to claim this. This app has already helped busy parents by offering more than 3,000 hours of babysitting.

As a parent, you can give essential details such as names, the number of kids, and an emergency contact number when you generate your profile on the platform. Once you are verified, you can post for the needs of the babysitters in advance or on short notice. Then, you can connect with those sitters who are visible in the network and send them the job description.

A verification process and a background check are done to confirm that you have got a reliable babysitter. Each applicant must pass Sex Offender Registry Check, Email and Phone Number Verification, and the Social Media Check.

How To Choose The Best Babysitting App:

These are a few factors that you need to consider while choosing the best babysitting app:

  • Determine your needs:

Your first task is to decide what you actually need. Do you need someone who is capable of watching your children for some hours after they are asleep so that you spend a little time with your partner for dinner? Or do you need a babysitter to pick up your children from school & stay with them through bedtime? Do you need a nanny who can speak a foreign language so that you can educate your kid about that language from the initial stage? Do you need a full-time au pair who can even cook and clean for you? You may go for a male caretaker also. Remember that first you need to determine what you need and find the reason why you want to hire a babysitter. As it is a very important decision, you must not take it in a rush.

  • Keep in mind these things:

When you are going to find a babysitter, you should look for recommendations from friends and family. It is necessary to check the reviews of other users about the babysitter whom you are hiring. You may need a sitter who can also cook & clean or teach your kid a foreign language. Ensure that you ask about background checks & references.

  • Important Features that the app should have:

If you are finding the best babysitting app, these are the essential features of an app that you need to look for:-

  • A wide selection of caretakers
  • References & background checks should be provided
  • Searchable profiles that can match your needs
  • Affordability & ease of use
  • Security & peace of mind


  • Easy to Use:

If you are a busy parent of a young child, you definitely want to keep things simple. Try to use an app that is easy to navigate. Go for such an application to use which you do not need to have any technical knowledge. The best babysitting app should be easy to use and convenient and gives you the opportunity to line up sitters on a moment’s notice from whenever you are when you need them.

The Bottom Line:

This article has covered the top babysitting apps along with elaborating on a buying guide that will help you to find out the best app as per your requirements. So, if you are a busy parent and need a reliable babysitter, then you can try these apps from which you can find trustworthy babysitters easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is virtual babysitting a real thing?

Yes, it is a new trend. During virtual babysitting, a professional engages kids in digital activities. These sessions provide guidance to the kids with their education, or assist the kida to play games for keeping them entertained or guide the kids through online activities.

  • How much does it cost to use a babysitting app?

The cost varies depending on the app you use, location, service duration, and an extra subscription fee. You should check the app or the service provider for exact pricing details.

  • What are the advantages of using a babysitting app over traditional babysitting services?

When you use a babysitting application, it can provide you benefits like flexibility to choose, convenient booking, timely scheduling features, & user reviews for background checks. Besides, these apps provide a wide variety of options to find the sitters based on the individual’s preference & requirement along with a user-friendly platform to facilitate childcare arrangements.


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