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Gas-Sensing Smart Capsule: Atmo Gas Capsule

by October 5, 2018

Atmo Gas Capsule could be used as a Gut Health Check Atmo Gas Capsule is a small pill that measures various gases as it travels along the intestinal tract. Your complete gut health check can be done by just swallowing


Stunning Ultra Sleek TMC Dumont Motorcycle has 36 Inch Hubless wheels

by August 22, 2018

Bike with the Biggest Wheels Ever: TMC Dumont Motorcycle Talk about big wheels, the TMC Dumont Motorcycle comes with the biggest wheels you’ve ever seen. The 36 inch hubless wheels are placed on the TMC Dumont in such a way,


Google New Pixel 3 Will Add Wireless Charging

by August 6, 2018

Wireless charging to be launched with the new Pixel 3? Rumors were a strife since Apple released iPhone 8, iPhone X and XL that Google too would release its own phone with wireless charging. But since then there have been


Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: Rumored Specification

by June 25, 2018

All You Need to Know about the New Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL Pegged to be released somewhere in October based on past releases, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL will be radically different from their predecessors. While they may share


10 Best Affordable watches for under $150 in 2018

by June 9, 2018

10 Best Affordable Watches Under $150 Who said great dress watches or otherwise have to be in the thousands range or more? We often are led to believe that the more complex the workings, the more exotic or sci- fi


Gadgets 2018: Best Gadgets for the First Lady Love in Your Life

by May 18, 2018

Gadgets That You Can Gift to Your Mother or Even Your Wife We need to gift something to our loved ones or friends for their birthday or a festive occasion. Gift giving to the first Lady Love in your Life


10 Best Affordable watches for under $1000 in 2018

by May 7, 2018

Here’s 10 Best Affordable or not so Affordable Watches under $1000 We seem to think that only by shelling out a couple grand can we only find a good gadget and if you are really on the look- out for


The LG PF1000UW Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector Could be the Perfect Fit for You

by May 4, 2018

LG PF1000UW Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector is the perfect Replacement TV The LG PF1000UW Minibeam Ultra Short Throw Projector, maybe one big mouthful but this tiny projector can surely pack a punch. With this tiny projector, by conventional standards,


Beauty Gadgets That Allow You to Enjoy a Spa Treatment At Home

by May 2, 2018

Beauty Gadgets: Technology gives you a head start in the battle to look beautiful We are living in an age of gadgets and gizmos and the beauty gadgets cannot be left far behind. The beauty gadgets out in the market


Sony Announces Sony XZ2 Premium Phone with 4K Display, Dual Camera System

by April 26, 2018

Sony Launches Its Flagship Sony XZ2 Premium Smartphone with 4K Display Sony smartphones are great but for most part of the last decade it suffered from the identity crisis. Every other iteration of its flagship and mid-budget segment smartphones appeared